Terms and Conditions

Supplier - Comstar Systems Ltd. (514979525).
Customer - Any user who registers and enjoys one of the supplier's services.
End user - Any user who visits one of the services produced or manufactured by the system.
System (send message) - the tool through which users and customers receive various services such as sending mailings, creating landing pages, sending SMS, scheduling Facebook statuses and more.
Third party vendors - Companies that provide the supplier and its users with the technology, infrastructure, methods of clearing, security, storage, domains, servers.
Service provider - a professional who is offered as part of a complementary service to the supplier's users.
Message - An e-mail message or any other message sent through the system to an end user.

Register for the system -
The service provided by the supplier involves the delivery of information such as business name, private name, telephone, e-mail and credit card details that will be stored in the company's databases or on third-party secure servers. During the registration process, you will be required to enter a user name and password to log in and perform various actions. It is important to keep the details in a safe place and not to inform them. It is recommended that you change your password every 3 months.
Upon registration, the registrant approves the receipt of mailings, updates in the field and the company's operations from time to time, and can perform the removal at any time.

Copyrights –
All copyrights and intellectual property in the design of the system, architectural structure, graphic files, images, tactics, system codes, scripts, applications - are owned by the supplier only. The trademarks on the Site and in the System are the sole property of the Supplier and may not be used without the prior consent of the Supplier in writing. In some of the templates in the system, the customer will be presented with images and codes used in the system - they should not be used, sold or distributed in any way, used for non-system use (such as business cards, website) without prior written consent.
The customer has no rights to the template built into the system, images in which or any detail in the system and other customers can use the same template for their needs.
In embedding videos on landing pages, newsletters, digital courses, and any other content area on the system, it is the customer's responsibility to take care of copyrights and obtain permission to display non-creative content. Comstar is not responsible for copyright infringement under Customer's account.

Users of the system are strictly prohibited from sending mail to recipients who did not wish to be included in the distribution list. The vendor allows end users to report a message that is sent as a spam message and is in agreement with different communications providers reporting spam messages from the vendor's servers. If a lot of spam is received from end users / carriers, the supplier may suspend or terminate a customer's account without prior notice in order to reduce damage and avoid continuing to create a bad reputation for the vendor servers and the customer will compensate the supplier for the damages caused.
The customer must register in the registration details and management details in his account a valid physical address that will be displayed at the bottom of each mailing as required by law, and will provide any additional information available if required by future legislation. If such information does not exist, the customer must complete it before continuing to use the system. The system provides a permanent link to remove the recipient from the mailing list if he / she does not wish to do so.
It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the mailings that come out of his account comply with the requirements of the law and the supplier is not responsible for improper or improper use of the system which causes failure to comply with Amendment 40 to the Communications Law.

Cancellations -
For prepayment for a year and / or SMS packages, there is no return of payment in case of cancellation of a transaction for any reason.
For a monthly payment, you can cancel a transaction by 7 working days in advance, in writing or by email, subject to obtaining a permit from the company.
In any case, no refund will be made.

The contract between the customers and the supplier is on a business (B2B) basis, and therefore the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981 does not apply to the engagement between the parties, including with respect to the right of cancellation and / or renewal of the contract.